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Human Resource Restructuring

Whether you are a firm of 5 people or 500 people, we work closely with you to bring in a structured HR function in the organization. We help you set up an HR function if you don't have one and restructure an existing HR function to suit your business needs.

Defining HR Processes

We help you to standardize the processes of HR to reduce human dependency and ensure efficiency even when new people join the team.

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Performance Measurement and Management

We bring to your team the expertise in defining job performance standards and measurement. We help design outcome oriented Performance Management System which include writing job descriptions to dynamic KPIs based on your Futuristic Business Plans and link them to the performance measurement of your team.

Career and Succession Planning

Planning for Succession is the key to surviving the dynamic environment of Human Resources. Amongst the churning of skillsets in the organization, one of the important aspect is to plan the career for your staff and also plan for succession at the same time. We work closely with you in not only staff career planning and succession planning but also in Entrepreneurial Succession Planning.

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We help understand the training needs of your organization and offer various customized trainings suitable for different hierarchies in your organization. Our training process includes identification of training needs, driving identified trainings and measuring post training effectiveness.

HRIS Software Implementation

A key parameter to success is achieving more in less time which is possible with end to end Human Resource Information Systems. We help you with identification of requirements, vendors and implementation of HRIS software to ensure smooth transition from paper to technology.

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